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Sparifankerl-Pass ABCs

Little Lexicon of Krampus Customs

Many terms regarding the devilish cult figures and traditions from the Alps were almost forgotten. Here is an incomplete overview.

These demon creatures took the form of birdmen, known in Upper Austria and Styria as another companion of St. Nicholas.

This Krampus variation was known in East Tyrol. They threw pedestrians to the ground and then again „aufklauben“ or picked them up.

Krampus also: Kramperl
Devilish cult figures that accompany the holy St. Nicholas on the 6th of December, in order to punish the wicked and naughty. Plural: Krampusse. Probably derived from Kramp = claw.

Traditional custom in Austria and Bavaria to protect against evil spirits.

Term for the mostly demonic looking carved masks of the Krampus performers. Made of linden, stone pine or alder wood.

Slang for St. Nicholas.

Female companions of Krampus. Regarded as the guardian of holidays and days of rest. Founder of the Percht custom, which is dedicated to the 6th of January.

Munich dialect for „Devil“.

Austrian for „Group“.

An element of the Krampus Runs. Refers to chasing and scaring mostly female viewers, who are then „punished“ with a rod.

The resurrection of almost forgotten Bavarian rituals.
The group called “Sparifankerl-Pass” is successfully revitalising a historical tradition from the Alps region ...

Where can you see the Krampus and Perchten called the Sparifankerl Pass? Click more for the current list of events and performances at home and abroad ...